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Urologist St James


We encourage our men to visit our Urologist for consultations and so much more.
We also encourage our women with urinary tract problems to get assessed and treated by our Urologist as well.

Summary of Urology services:

  • General urology consultations
  • Evaluation & treatment of prostate related diseases such as:
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Evaluation & treatment of kidney problems such as:
    • Kidney cancer
    • Kidney stones
    • Ureteric stones
  • Evaluation & treatment of urinary bladder problems such as:
    • Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs)
    • Overactive bladder
    • Urinary incontinence
    • Urinary retention
    • Bladder cancer
    • Bladder stones
  • Evaluation & treatment of Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Common urological procedures such as:
    • Prostate ultrasound
    • Prostate biopsy
    • Cystoscopy (coming soon)
    • Urinary catheter placement
    • Urinary catheter replacement
Based on 5 reviews
Davia Grant
Davia Grant
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I took my aunt to this facilities and we were treated like royalties. The staff went above and beyond. From the receptionist, Nurse and not to mention Dr. Allen. Thank you all for going the extra mile for my Aunt. We appreciate you.
Nadine A Sherwood
Nadine A Sherwood
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Took my nephew to Oneness Health Centre in Ironshore, St James, on August 25, and from the moment you walked through their doors, it’s nothing But pleasantness. The place is very clean and (and with the threat of Covid-19 and Monkey Pox, cleanliness is a priority), a state-of-the-art facility that offers a variety of different services. Dr. Haughton is just Awesome. She is very friendly and compassionate, and very easily made her young patient felt comfortable immediately. She has excellent rapport, knowledge and is definitely a confidence booster. She took her time to answer all my questions and was very thorough in explaining conditions and treatments. If you want a doctor who listens to you, has compassion and treats you like you really matter, then go see her. Her skills are excellent and she is a true humanitarian. These attributes are lacking in medicine these days, so it is very refreshing when you do find someone like this. Big thank you to Dr. Crystal Haughton!!
Hawkeye Voss
Hawkeye Voss
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We are from the USA, and unfortunately while visiting Jamaica, came down with CoVid. We found out while getting our antigen test to return home. My husbands’s positive test was confirmed by PCR, but I started exhibiting symptoms exactly a day later than my husband. The general manager of our resort, contacted Dr Alloi Allen, and I cannot say enough good things about him! He has communicated with us thru What’s App, and started us on a CoVid cocktail of Zithromax & many Vitamins! He ordered a pulse oximeter & a thermometer so we can monitor our levels. He even came to our room this evening to check our vitals! I cannot believe how caring and professional he is! I wish he lived in the States, because I would be switching to him in a heartbeat! I can’t write an honest review about the clinic, but if it’s anything like the medical director of Dr Alloi Allen, than you are all in very good hands! God Bless!
malika stephens
malika stephens
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Wonderful service during our visit to Jamaica highly recommended. Extremely professional.

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